AngularJS integration with Maven

JavaScript is hot. I don't know why but somehow it has become a hot language again.

Strange as far as I know it is one of the most hated and most loved languages. I myself am a programmer with Java as my main language and I have never understood the attraction of JavaScript.

Enter AngularJs...

I was at this conference and I got an introduction to AngularJs and I was blown away. A combination of AngularJs with a REST back-end (Java) and stuff like that is really powerful.

I wrote my first AngularJs Application with a Java back-end in about two hours. I used bootstrap css to get the look and feel right (easily) and voila a working web application that was really cool and easy to build. Finally something that worked and helped me to get productive in a fun way.

Now I'm working on a seed project to get a cool integrated application between Java and JavaScript with maven as the build tool.

It's a fun learning process and maybee I do get why JavaScript is cool again...


Last edited: Aug 22, 2014