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My old and trusted site is as of June, 26 offline. It has been a long process and most of the popular articles have been migrated to this blog. Just search for your wanted article and chances are good you will find it again. I’ve analysed the logs and migrated all the popular articles. References have changed though. Search and thou wilt find again 🙂

The main reason for getting rid of this nice wiki was that I was still on a 3.0.1 license of Confluence. The last free personal licence they provided. Since then I’ve been playing around with other free wiki like frameworks and even build a couple of versions myself.

As this whole site is a hobby of mine I want it done with free stuff. Don’t get me wrong I think that confluence is one of the best wiki/blog applications out there. I’m a great fan of some of there products.

As I am not planning on paying for a personal license and I get no more updates the wiki became more and more vulnerable for attacks. First the capcha was hacked and I had to put in a lot of time to prune all the spam. That became too much work so I disabled the comments for the site, but that is one of the more fun parts of having a site – the feedback – so that was a sad moment.

That was the moment I went searching for another solution. I found an intermediate version by installing gollum (git’s wiki) but I could not get my wanted comments. While using that I went on building my on version. I knew precisely what I wanted and it gave me an opportunity to learn more about front-end.

I started out with AngularJS and bootstrap but quickly found that bootstrap was not what I should be doing if I wanted to be hot 🙂 I had to go Material! Material Design seems to be what google wants and I liked the whole responsive look. I started working on it and 1 year later I have build about 3 versions. The trouble is that I suck at design and my sites, even though completely Material and Angularized, still didn’t look as and do what I wanted. In that year I also left all my other hobby projects behind like my epub project and learning Scala and and and…

Sooooo I gave up and installed WordPress :-). I talked to a front-end designer and showed her my retro look and she told me that it was sooo bad that it was good 🙂 So I gave my WordPress my old terminal look back.

I now can concentrate on other fun projects again and who knows I might even finish my own version of the website sometime in a future near you…

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