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AKKA-Thon weekend by Ordina

AKKA-Thon weekend by Ordina published on 3 Comments on AKKA-Thon weekend by Ordina

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This weekend it is going to happen! I can’t wait.

Last Tuesday the participants of the AKKA-thon weekend got a crash-course Scala. At least for those (like me) with little to no experience with Scala. Now we know everything NOT but Jan Ouwens gave it his best! Thanx it is much appreciated. Hopefully we now know enough to get by and start learning the AKKA framework. Don’t you just love learning new things? I certainly do!

I really hope this weekend is going to be as much fun as I imagine it can be. We should have a great time and also learn a lot.

I will of course add to this blog as time allows. Right now I’m trying really hard to get as much Scala syntax/principles crammed into my skull ๐Ÿ™‚ before the weekend starts.

The weekend has started. After a long two and a half hour drive with almost an hour of traffic jam I was finally there. We are getting quite a full house if I counted correctly. About 20 people and I understand that there are also a few arriving tomorrow.

We started out with some time just talking with one another and getting to know each other a bit. Fun group of people. I love talking shop with like minded people. All nerds and proud of it! Dinner was served and it was fine! Indian/Chinese like food and plenty of it.

After dinner we did a formal introduction round and as you might imagine we are a diverse group with at least one big thing in common. We love to code.ย 

Quote of the day:ย 

A talent for coding is like having a superpower!

The weather was shit and that’s the best weather for nerds. We don’t have to feel guilty for sitting on the couch with our laptop open ๐Ÿ™‚ I talked to lots of interesting people and hope to do that a lot more.

When we finished the introduction we went bowling. Luckily my whole team sucked at it so my suckiness didn’t really get any special attention ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad Belgium lost its soccer match tonight as we have 4 Belgians in hour party.

The late evening was filled with a lot of talk and games.

The start has been great… laterz…


Lessons have started! Fun has started ๐Ÿ™‚

Hours later….

It has been a fantastic day. Learned a lot. Laughed a lot. BBQ with nice weather even though it rained a lot the rest of the day.ย 


The soccer match between Germany and Itally was viewed by most and a real thriller for some in our group because they have their roots there. A happy ending. ย 

I have been going over the material again during the match. Just to read more Scala code. I’ve had a blast. Thanks Martijn for a great day of learning and the above and beyond support even during the late hours!

The quote for today:

With great power comes great responsibility ๐Ÿ™‚

See you tomorrow…

Today we basically stated out to basically have fun with basically AKKA again ;-). Joke for the insiders… Basically…

Are we nerds or what?

Are we nerds or what?!

Sunday was again a day of much AKKA learning and Scala on the side. At about 17h we were finished and now certified ๐Ÿ™‚ yeahh.

This weekend has been a blast and I’ve met lots of interesting people. Thanks you all for making this a memorable weekend and Ordina in special for organising it.




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