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Integration testing

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For my current work gig I’m doing some Prove Of Concepts (POC) around testing and testing frameworks.

I’ve looked at a couple of tools and will tell something of my experiences. I was actually searching for an Integrated Test Environment for all my needs but I haven’t found it yet.

Please tell me if you do know of some.


I’ve heard lets about this framework and have seriously looked at it because of it. There seem to be two schools of thought about this tool. Either users love it of hate it… not much in between it seems. Both parties also use about the same arguments to either love or hate it.

The lovers say that they can have Business analysts define the tests in almost natural language and the haters say the tool has to many layers of abstraction and the “natural” language needs to implemented by a developer. Also it almost never happens that BA’s actually write the tests.

My feelings are not that strong but I tend to agree with the haters a but, because I also have never seen BA’s write tests. Also these level of abstractions do not make using the tool easier and do not comply to the KISS principle. For my project it seems to have a too great developer support needed.

Integration with Java project is very easy though.


Written by Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin) and it seems to have promise. Technical enough to not have too many layers of abstractions and abstract enough that a not too technical tester might do a lot of work without to much developer support. Trouble is that I’ve looked at the code and I’ve also read Bob’s books on clean code. The two do not match too mutch… Let me say it this way… Uncle Bob seems to mean: “Do as I say not as I do…” or freely translated “Code as I say but not as I do…”

Still it seems to work and I’ve some experience with it. It can be run from build tools like Jenkins and Integrated with selenium and java projects are not difficult.

Support seems to become less for this product and that should tell me something. Is there better to find?

Robot framework

When searching I came along the Robot framework and I’m currently looking into this one. Haven not formed an opinion yet but I have created a Docker container for it so that I can play around with it without needing to polute my local environment. I’ve put some effort in it and you might also like it.

Docker image

When I know more and have formed an opinion I will probably edit this blog post at some point

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