Enterprize Integration Patterns With Camel


This article is about Enterprise Integration Patters (EIP) and how you can use them. In addition it will also help you by telling you how you can use them in an easy and productive way by using Camel.

The Enterprise Integration Patterns are solutions to integration problems that have evolved over time and have been proven successful. One of the important things with Patterns is that they are not
language specific but can be implemented in any language and on any operating system. That does not mean that Patterns are necessarily easy, but they are recognizable and repeatable.

Authors Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf have written a lot of the Enterprise Integration Patters down in their book in 2003 and the patterns are still very actual and useful to know today.

As Java is one of the main languages used in Enterprise software development it is very helpful to have a lot of these patterns worked out in such a way that they are easy to use and
production ready.

In this part if the site I will attempt to provide real live examples…