Migrate From Java 6 To Java 8

Java 1.6 is almost at the end of the extended support period and will therefore be end of life soon.

In April 2014 Oracle extended the support lifetime for Java SE 6. End of Premier Support on Dec 2015, and End of Extended Support on Dec 2018.

This article will try to give pointers to make a transition to Java 8 go smoothly.
What to expect and what to be alert for.
I will also try to explain why migration to java 9 or 10 is not advisable at the time writing this article.

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Joy Of Coding - 2018

The conference that’s your instruction manual for the art, craft, science and joy of software development

I’ll probably keep it to some pictures an quotes as I really want to enjoy the conference myself 🍺

Here a life blog about one of my favorite small conferences…

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Teqnation 2018

The Future is Open

TEQnation The Future is Open is the open source conference of the Benelux and will bring together a unique blend of IT architects, managers, disruptors, experts and developers. The Future is Open will feature presentations, tutorials, keynotes, workshops and hands-on labs.

The themes you will encounter are: Open (your) enterprise, Open Infra, Open Development, Open Future, Open collaboration (Community) & Open Labs.

In this blog I will document the sessions I will attend…

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Fidget Spinner Motor

For Fathers day I got a nice fidget spinner as a present from my son. I like these things but after playing with it for a while it became
a permanent fixture in my laptop bag. Never being used again…
I was thinking about a hobby project to do at home and I recently ordered some very strong neodymium magnets for another
project and had some left.

How about creating a magnet based motor from my fidget spinner and a self created electromagnet and reed switch.
Yeah lets do it…

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