Joy Of Coding 2023

Programming’s greatest mistakes

Mark Rendle did a great talk about our greatest mistakes.

He gave a lot of examples about mistakes and what they did cost.

Some of the worst mistakes are actually enterprise versions of agile 😂. I soo agree!


How your brain learns new (programming) languages

  • repeat
  • read new stuff aloud
  • know about the 6 chunks of short term memory
  • be patient

Bourdieu’s social theory applied to tech

Romeu Moura has a great talk about this subject. He engages us and is funny. His use of mindmap as a presentation tool is very nice and dynamic.

The Importance of Fun in the Workplace

Holly Cummins.

  • ducks make jokes funnier
  • in the UK the letter K makes jokes funnier

Joy in the workspace feels like something hidden and secret.

If you make people happy. Your business will do well.

  • play leads to profit

Get rid of estimates! They are mostly wrong so why do it?!


Fun is not a formula

lightning talks

Code burnout.

Go Rust!

The Wonder of Open Source

  • everyone in fashion hates each other
  • they actively try to sabotage each other or steal each other’s ideas

  • Open Source is actually the total opposite.

  • This is actually really special and we should treasure it.

  • Open Source is actually kind of the standard nowadays.
  • he thanks us all for that!
  • sharing knowledge

  • Making the world a slightly better place

the joy of coding competitions

Bert-Jan Schrijver

  • Code Golf: in the least amount of chars solve problem.
  • Advent of code: yeah.

The point is the keep writing code

bee keeping

Mark van Straten

There is an tremendous amount of similarities between bees and tech

He compared bee keeping to software development and he used bee terminology constantly which was fun.

  • start small
  • give them autonomy
  • you will bee amazed at what they can achieve
  • if you just let them “bee” 😂

Are you testing your unit tests?

Short talk about making sure your tests are actually good

It advocates mutation testing.

Serverless Kotlin in seconds with kotless

It is about kotless Incubator project.

Nice example.

The Ikea Effect

I build it myself gives joy

Sharing is caring. Please look first if someone already wrote it

quizz about…

The public static void main

Very fun quiz with songs by Hanno singing only public static void main!


Raw Wasm: Hand-crafted WebAssembly Demos

He demos lots of cool web assembly code.

Cool demos.
I don’t want to write in raw we assembly though. 😂😎

How shit works: Databases

By Tober Gabel

The crux is that nowadays the choice of a db is more a question of existing knowledge and not what is precisely needed. All of them are probably good if you already have knowledge.

This does not mean that if you know what your system needs to do a better choice cannot be made.

Do not choose the one thing you have no knowledge about and listen to your OPS person

Expert software developers’ approach to error

Good topic but the presenter read a lot and was boring. Sry.

Conclusion was good though.

Errors are an opportunity to challenge wow, teach, etc and is not a blame game!

Email vs Capitalism: A Story About Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Aka the father of spam!

All valid 😂