Devoxx Marokko 2023

Devoxx Marokko 2023

The first thing I just have to mention is the food here on Devoxx Ma. It is awesome!! Wow the best food I’ve ever had one any conference ever.

Day 1 - October 11

to the left


Too bad he had problems with connection to internet and the workshop went way to fast but the talk had potential

Because Sonatype hosts the complete maven central repository they know exactly what is downloaded, so they also know that e.g. the log4j with the enormous bug is still being downloaded a lot!

We need to be much more vigilant with security as developers!!

Portability Paradox

Yeah what can I say? Not too impressed with this talk. Not much attention was given to the demo (it was not working or finished) which was a shame and he went over the material very fast.

The other thing going through my mind is: how many companies actually work cross-cloud?? Not sure but my guess is not many…

dare to test prod on testcontainers

Nice talk! Recreate the complete prod env

serverless application on google cloud

Workshop was nice.
Trouble is that none of my clients actually work with google cloud 🌧️

Day 2 - October 12


This is the 10th edition of DevoxxMA.

We held a minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake.

DevoxxMA broke the record this year in the number of CFP they received and they had to be really selective.

The minister of digitalization gave us a video greeting.

A couple of the main sponsors got a few minutes on stage and said some nice words to the crowd in French.

No goody bag and gifts this year because the complete budget of that goes to earthquake rebuilding.

Devoxx 4 kids … nice!

How software is the key

I did not really want to go to this talk but I could not really leave as most people stayed 😂.

Ha I did leave after a few minutes because many more were leaving.


Live demo’s yeah!! 👍

A design pattern goes to market

Kaya had an awesome talk about some common design patterns!!

The talk had a nice “real life” approach and was really well received!

I liked it a lot.

Simplifying concurrency with Project Loom

Day 3 - October 13

spring-boot 2 to 3 with JakartaEE

Ivar Grimstad has a nice talk about the migration from spring-boot 2 to 3 with JakartaEE.

It was really great hanging out with him at the conference!

Thanks for the beers Ivar! 🍻


after lunch it wrapped up and it was time to relax a bit, which was not very difficult :-)