JavaOne 2022


My ideas and thoughts about JavaOne 2022 at Oracle Cloudworld.

Day 1 - the one without bread


Breakfast started with a brisk walk to the venetian hall. There we received a protein box with an weird combination of food stuffs. Peanut butter without something to put it on. Cheese without something to put it on. Salt, why, just why? Some grapes, which was nice. Some turkey roll without something to put it on. In essence where was the bread?


Impressive start with lots of video and dance

“Being bold wil make you win. By being timid will make you loose. “

Many of the big customers and partners received their spot on stage like:

  • NVidea
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Grupo Bimbo
  • Johnson Controls
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Team Max Vestappen

Java Keynote

Nice keynote but I am shocked at how small it has become. Is this because there was no open CFP? Or is it something else? I do not know, but I have questions…

Java after Eleven


Was actually very nice with pasta, fish or chicken and a very good desert. Chocolate thingy that was awesome.

Cleaning your code with records, sealed classes and Pattern Matching

Jose Paumard clearly knows what he is talking about and he gave a great talk about cleaning your code with pattern matching in combination with records and sealed classes, even though we were really bothered by the load music, that already started while there were still sessions going on. Not cool Oracle.

welcome party

Well it started a bit early and the music bothered the speakers, but other than that it was really nice with drinks and tasty food stuffs.

Race between pair programming tools

Kaya Weers had a great talk about pair programming tools. In a short amount of time she showed us in a fun way what the most popular tools can and can not do. Very nice.

Day 1 - Conclusion

I was shocked about how small the JavaOne part has become. I think the lack of open CFP has contributed hugely to that.

Other than that it was a really nice day.
I have been inspired by nice talks and fun people I spoke with.

Why though do Oracle employees get preferential treatment when standing in line? That is a question 🤣. I have no answer.

Day 2 - The one with hacking a lot

Hacker-garden with Ivar Grimstad

I was working with Ivar in het Hacker-garden on the Eclipse starter project. I was able to contribute a simple UI on the project.

The actual archetypes will follow very soon.

It was an awesome experience and I had a great and productive time with Ivar and Josh Juneau.


Very good lunch

Clean your code as you code

Tom Howlett

  • Sonarlint
  • Sonarqube
  • Sonarcloud

It was a good talk but too bad it was mainly a product promotion.

Day 3 - the one with …

The sincerest form of flattery

It is very difficult to add functionality to an existing language.

Covariant typing - variance

Hmm from the moment patters were discussed it went int the same talk as earlier in the conference.

Community keynote

Very nice to see the familiar faces. Too bad it has become so small. I really hope that this year is a step up to better times.

Brian Vermeer also said “goedemorgen” and started mixing drinks for the attendees.

HOL about project Loom

Virtual threats. Very nice hands on lab

Things I didn’t know about Java

So much fun!


I can not deny that I was shocked and disappointed about the reduction in size of JavaOne. Also not making the CFP open to the general public is bad form and should not continue.

Despite that it was actually a nice conference. I loved hacking in the hacker garden with Ivar Grimstad and Josh Juneau for the Jakarta EE archetypes.