The IoT technology day

Date: april 14, 2016

Today the IoT day is being held in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht in The Nethelands.

How I rediscovered my coding moyo by building an IoT robotics prototype

My first talk of the day is about getting the coding moyo back by Mark West. He talks easily and it actually does not really cover the moyo topic but it is a nice talk about getting a robot working

He talks about the Jonny 5 framework as it has support for lots of languages and an active community.

Speech recognition was his goal for his robot and he wanted it to be fast. Web Speech API. Too bad that is only available within Chrome at the moment.


He wanted to have as many processes as possible online because his rpi was already online and it is one process less on the rpi. It is a publish/subscribe principle

He used browserify to make nodejs code available in the browser.

He also implemented live video streaming with the Motion api.

He emphasizes the need to have code reviews because when doing new stuff you need other experts the help you get better

He got his moyo back

Keynote - welcome

Spectacular intro movie! The Keynote has been set up in a novel way. A square in the middle with chairs around it.

Bert-Jan Schrijver gives us a warm welcome and starts with a very recognizable sound an old modem.
Now almost all devices have an IP address.

He gave a small demo about getting lights te react to his hands. Not useful at all but really cool!

##CapGemini has the floor by Prof. Dr. Michael J. Capone

A promotional speech about their IoT exploits.

IoT is big and their is a huge growth.

Their is also a lot wrong with IoT…

People matter and results count.

Missed tip 3 ☹️.

The rest of the tips are probably also out there.

The last keynote from Wienke Giezeman.

He talks about The Things Network. LoRa low powered radio frequency stuff.
De accessibility of this technology is high because it is relatively cheap. Especially compared to other available technology.

The goal was to cover the whole of Amsterdam with this network bij groundfundig. It has gone viral.

Very cool and something to follow! πŸ‘

The Things Network Labs is going to be launched and the coockbook site is launched today.

Koffie break

Filled in a questionnaire at Quitors booth and was the first to receive an OrangePi After giving a few good answers to dev questions. Cool 😜

Micro-datacenter with RaspberriPi and Kubernetes

By Ray Tsang && Arjen Wassing

Just 15 years ago internet was almost nonexistent en now we do just about everything wireless.

MQTT is again a topic so in case of IoT probably something to look into.

Start using rpis in a cluster


So kubernetes is the same as the picture above but now based on open source.

The demo was pretty cool. With of course a bit of demo effect in place.

They have an interesting talk πŸ‘

home automation reloaded

By Kai Kreuzer
After 10 minues I left. Lost interest πŸ‘Ž not his fault though.

Adding eyes, ears and mouth to your IoT projects

Just quick noter as reference. No time to get into details

  • IoT surfboard
  • catarse
  • gemalto concept board for 2G/3G/GPS and Java ME
  • zigbee
  • ble

His English is not easy to understand but you get used to it after a while.

Nice devices to demo!

The afternoon keynote by Bert Jan

Bart Koopmans CGI

Speaks Dutch during his presentation. His talk is not so much about IoT but what you can do with it.

His talk is based on tradfic and big data.

What can we do with all the generated data.

  • mow the lawn only when necessary
  • detect defects on the road by applying sensors of vehicles
  • enriche data with data from other media e.g social media and weather info etc.
  • fuel consumption and everything that influences it.
    Kinda interesting talk but too bad is was all Dutch

keynote delivering on the promise of IoT

By Valery Jacobs

He talks about the impact of IoT but is actually a talk about Assure.
The demo was actually nice. And he had a nice flow in his talk.

From the crowdfunding trenches

By Daniel Campera

First off his English is awful but his story is nice.

He tells about the dream of making something happen with people who have the spirit and passion to do it.

His story is a bit chaotic and he losses his story line. To bad. I was really interested.

The campaign month is nerve wrecking, addictive and exhausting.

The feedback from the community is fantastic and influences the development of the product. Direct feedback makes more customers happy.

de PubQuizIoT

Just did the pubquiz and what do you know we won!

Great end of the day.