Instant terminal screen sharing


I wanted to do some live demo coding for a group of people and I was sitting almost perpendicular to the screen. I also had a presentation with speaker notes. In order to use speaker notes you do not want to duplicate your screen but have a separate screen. This made the live coding demo difficult to do because I also had to look at that second screen to see what I was typing.

I was using the terminal a lot so I started searching and found a fantastic app called tmate.

This blog will tell a bit about how I dockerized it to make it available to me even when offline. It will of course also tell you how to do it yourself.


I found a docker image (thanks sigma) that did almost but not quite what I wanted, so I adopted it and made my changes here.

On docker hub you will find much more information on how to use it.


I’ve made a youtube video with a demo to illustrate the workings


  • for a great tool
  • sigma for providing a base Dockerfile I could hack :-)