Change Is The Only Constant By Neal Ford

Evolutionary Architectures

Architectures that embrace change.


(Draft and will probably be cleaned up in the next days unless i do not have time)

A bad answer to what Architecture is.

Dynamic equilibrium

The whole development ecosystem can change overnight and it happends a lot. The whole equilibrium will change.

Incremental change

  • components are deployed
  • features are released
  • applications consists of routing

Guided change

  • metrix

agenda of this talk

fitness functions

  • atomic
    • atomic triggered example
      • ciclic dependency function (jdepend)
    • continues atomic
      • monitoring
      • logging
      • synthetic transaction (time stuff)
      • correlation id
  • holistic
    • triggered holistic
      • must run in a specific (shared) context
    • Consumer Driven Contract
      • consumers provide checks (tests) that the producer always keeps green
    • holistic continues
      • netflix chaos monkey
  • triggered
  • continues

System wide fitness function

Incremental change

Architectural coupling

Decenteralised data Managements

  • transactions are temporal coupling
  • limit transactional contexts
  • evolutionary database design

Evolvability of architecture

  • Hell on earth…

  • Layered Architecture…

  • Microkernel

  • REST
  • Domain Perspective
  • Microservices


#Perspectives on Architecture

  • Architectural Quantum…

Conway’s law

Autonomous teams cross functional. The invers Conway manouvre.
The more coupling between teams the less efficient you will be.

how to sell this

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