Big Data Processing with Apache Spark: Scala or Java?

Session abstract

As the de facto standard for large-scale data processing in the Java world, Apache Spark is the logical choice when you want to investigate big data processing. Unfortunately, most resources online refer to the Scala API that is exposed by Spark. What to do if you and your company are much more comfortable with Java than the Scala language? This session discusses whether it makes sense to learn and introduce an entirely new language just for your big data processing.


Name Title Company
Erik-Berndt Scheper Java Architect Ordina Technologie & Competenties B.V.

Session Info

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Introductory BOF (Birds-of-a-Feather) Session Java, Cloud, and Server-Side Development

My Notes

What’s Big Data

You need to kearn your Math if you want to dabble in Big Data


dive in

Spark streaming

He provides a slide demo (not included here)

questions, questions…

The scala vs java question is still not completely answered…

wrap up



Nice journey into