The Java EE-stic (=No Dependencies) Way to Develop HTML5 Applications

Session abstract

Java EE (6/7/8) applications are lean and self-contained–no external dependencies required. Is it possible to apply the same design principles to building web applications? In this session, the presenter codes an HTML5 single-page application “from scratch,” relying just on web standards without any external dependencies. REST, WebSocket communication with a Java EE back end, data binding, and styling are included. Audience questions are highly appeciated.


Name Title Company
Adam Bien Consultant / Contractor Adam Bien

Session Info

Experience Session type Track
Intermediate Conference Session Java Clients and User Interfaces

My Notes

Immediately into live coding. Loving it!

The longer java developers wait the more JavaScript looks like Java

console.dir(this.div)will print to consile the div with all its functions.

  • layout

  • service workers

What should you do is learn the specks.
E.g. Use nav element because of screen readers


Fantasic talk and very convincing story for just using standard components.