Serverless - The Future Of Cloud

NLJUG - Pre Conference

Today we have de pre conference of the NLJUG and I am attending the Serverless deep dive by Bert Ertman.

This blog post are my notes on the talk. Done for myself but you might like it too.


  • IAAS is probably not cheaper than running everything ourselves.
  • We are movingmore and more to not owning everything but renting and paying as we go.

Serverless manifesto

  • Startups running on their own hardware often have trouble scaling. With Serverless you do not have to worry about it.
  • portability and lock in are certainly issues because there is not yet a de facto standard yet.

FAAS - Another look

  • functions are first class citizens
  • run your code

isn’t that PAAS?


  • AWS Lambdas
  • google CloudFunctions
  • Azure Functions
  • IBM Bluemix
  • fn opensource by Oracle and as they call it “Serverless re-invented”

AWS Lambda

  • 2014
  • event-driven
  • lots and lots of cloud services available

Aws compute types

Event sources

Because of strange names a bit of translation.

Rethinking traditional Architectural Concepts

  • Client - web app - db

  • just because you can tranform from traditional to serverless the question is still should you? The answer is not always yes!
  • Serverless > FaaS

Bert gives some demos.

  • API Gateways are often just renamed ESBs. They are often beasts and a high learning curve.

    • swagger config files help a lot
  • Is a Function a Microservice? Because a function does one thing and one thing well.

  • function composition is difficult


Demo time again based on the above.

serverless.template is a project file in json for the SAM config

This file is still very difficult to write because of a lack of good documentation.

Other use-cases

Alexa demo!

Cool 😎 demo


Alexa skills and lamdas can be monetized

Going beyond hello world


  • Apache OpenWhisk