Teqnation 2018

The Future is Open

TEQnation The Future is Open is the open source conference of the Benelux and will bring together a unique blend of IT architects, managers, disruptors, experts and developers. The Future is Open will feature presentations, tutorials, keynotes, workshops and hands-on labs.

The themes you will encounter are: Open (your) enterprise, Open Infra, Open Development, Open Future, Open collaboration (Community) & Open Labs.

In this blog I will document the sessions I will attend…

KeyNote - Day 1

Richard Brown opens the first keynote on why are we using and contributing to open source.

Open source is like a gift to the world

It is important to not only throw code over the wall but also tell the world how they are allowed to use and contribute to this Open Source.

Open Source is mostly not as open as we might think.

Contributers are like donkeys

  • they are hard working
  • they are stubborn
  • they are sometimes cute
  • they don’t want to listen

When you have the completely open model you will have conflicting ideas at some time between contributors.

Those who do, decide

That is why we have de concept of forking. Often we have a fork for a time, but also merges at one time, so we have one flow again. The contributions do the talking.

Nice πŸ‘ talk

KeyNote - Everything Open

The world we are living in right now is shrinking. Technology has taken a giant leap.

The concept of Open is often abused. Having an API does not mean your system is open.

We users of the internet also define it. We are influencing it. Disruptors like napster will trigger a controlling action and it might even work for a while. Napster went away for a while, but it paved the way for a lot of napster like services. And big corporates could not fight them anymore and joined them.

Net Neutrality is a thing and easily abused. By giving a zero rating to a service you give a presedence to certain services by making is free. It sounds nice but also gives unfair advantages to the select group.

Some of the totally cool stuff on the net is that we have free access to some services and knowledge and organization that really want to do some good. Like free prosthetics or research to solutions to malaria.

If you do not do complete openness than don’t bother.

Kubernetes only exists for three years now and has gone from nothing to great in that time. It could never be done by one company.

We think that the only way to go forward in the long run is to develop software in complete openness.

Deep Learning

Room completely packed. yeah!!
Oh no πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ then it got cancelled
Everything else was of course already full
Not good! Bad form!


He is there! Yes yes already a plus.

A complete developer platform

Standard support for e.g. keycloak.

Nice demo πŸ‘

nice talk πŸ‘


We did rather miserably on liberation tech

We forgot about human nature

A very good but kinda depressive story about the internet and the lack of openness.

He promotes a global effort to revisit the foundations of The internet. We developers are the only ones with the chance to get out of this situation.

Changes to be made to the internet are almost impossible because of the amount of effort and money put into the current core technology. This is actually very bad from a futuristic point of view.
It is not resilient.

It is up to us how this story ends!


iOT buzzwords

Very disappointing! The presenter was late and he had only 5 sets for about 25 people. How very dissatisfying and disappointing πŸ‘Ž

Conclusion day 1

All in all a nice day with some highlights like the KeyNotes. I was disappointed in some of the talks and the turnout. It was almost quiet 🀫

Day two

Go Reactive with your Data

A nice speaker. While it took a while for him to get to the point it promises to become a good talk

He started demoing an that was great!
He is funny and gives great demos. His opinions on some of the data stores are really goed ;-)

MongoDB is like /dev/null

Liked this talk a lot!

Conclusion - day 2

A better day then yesterday. Good talks and nice people. Too bad I had to go away early for personal reasons.

The talk from Michel Schudel was one you should not have missed ! Build your own blockchain in 30 minutes. Oh yeah!