Joy Of Coding - 2018

The conference that’s your instruction manual for the art, craft, science and joy of software development

I’ll probably keep it to some pictures an quotes as I really want to enjoy the conference myself 🍺

Here a life blog about one of my favorite small conferences…


Felienne opens this great conference by welcoming us and emphasizing the code of conduct. Everyone is welcome and be nice

Jon Skeet

Most designs are a simplification of the real thing.

Jon has a totally captivating talk about design and art in code. What is the essence of a complicated thing?

Jon got “applause for ignorance” yeahh 🤣

Tension in programming is almost never good.

A good leader is like a conductor

We have to 👂 that is the only way to harmony…

Engineering is an artistic endeavor!


White a blank page. Soo many possibilities.

Jupyter widgets

By Maarten Breddels

Maarten is going to give a demo and then a demo and then … yes its true a demo 🤣

A very interesting talk. I will probably start using Jupiter for some prototyping next time I need to. Super cool!!!

I loved the catterplot demo with all the 🐱 😂

Super cool demos.

Felienne as guest speaker

Ashley Williams could not come and Felienne takes her place. She who would never speak at one of her own conferences 🤣. But here she stands. Yeahh!

Felienne is talking about “what is programming?”.

People open a spreadsheet and intuitively know what to do. People don’t even know they are coding.
So Excel is the best programming language ever. It is even a reactive functional language.

Yeah programming is like really logical like … NOT 😝

Learning programming is like learning a language.
So everyone can learn it!!!

So what do we know about teaching language?

So we might want to teach programming like teaching a language. Read code etc.

Super talk! Thanks Felienne.

Salmir Talwar

Who has time to press enter? 🤣

Just fix it!

LSTM is something I need to google lol.

Look differently at code.

Lovely talk.
So who is Salmir Talwar? 😂


Was fine !

lightning ⛈ talks

Marit van Dijk

Talks about the fun and use of automated testing with cucumber 🥒

Thanks Marit!

Ton van Bart

Talks about getting old while programming. And how to stay young while doing it.

As a getting older and older devolper I can relate ti this talk 😂

Thanks Ton!

Gives an ode to technical dept.

Why not hack stuff together to get it working as doon as possible? Something to think about when consequenses are small…

Technical dept I love you.

Thanks 🙏 Egbert

Bas and Ella Jansen

Cool talk from dad an daughter on how he could teach his daughter how to program, but he learned a lot himself.


Thanks Ella and dad :-)

Erik Mulder

Created an adventure room.

Combining IoT / coding and his family into one big adventure room.

Too cool 😎 for words.

Thanks Erik

Angelo van der Sijpt

This is a picture about all the stuff flying around block chain.

He talks about the same stuff flying around Quantum computing’s developer perspective

Don’t panic

Thanks Angelo

Stanislava Potupchik

Talks about games and the seriousness of it.

A real game is fun, has rules, and should be separate from real life.

During a game you can behave differently than normal life and check assumptions you made without consequences

Tjeerd Hans Terpstra

Everybody hates exceptions and that makes Exceptions angry 😡 and after angry the Exception get sad 😢

So lets make Exceprions great again

Thanks Tjeert


In between the lightning 🌩 talks there were corny devolper jokes 😂

Rachel Weil

Join Rachel at the Atrocade somehwere out there.

Works with old computers and preserves 8-bit girly video games.

These old machines have there own little timeline and small universe full of little secrets.

When we think of retro gaming we do not ga this far back.

Loved her view on programming.

Imaging what was and what could have been is part of the fun of programming these old machines…

David Nolen

Finding a balance in promoting an open source project without a lot of resources.

Camille Fournier

How to get unstuck.

A manager wit great ideas 💡 🤣

Just try to get a whole deck of approaches for solving a bug or problem. Write them down and find more.

  • Do the hard thing first
  • reduce risks early

    Stone Soup Engineering.

Kevlin Henney

About 1968.

Well everybody knows that Kevlin is one of out better public speakers so I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride 😆

Joy of coding

Thanks a bundle for this great day again!