One VM to Rule Them All? Lessons Learned with Truffle and Graal

Session abstract

Goldman Sachs has an in-house programming language used for its critical pricing and risk applications. This session’s speakers share their experiences of using Truffle and Graal as they headed along the path to turn it into a JVM language. They showcase some of the complexities of a complex dynamic type system, interfacing with C native functions, and trying to evolve an existing system with 150 million lines of code.


Name Title Company
Jackie Haynes Software Architect Goldman Sachs
Zachary Fernandez Software Engineer Goldman Sachs

Session Info

Session type Track
Developer Session Developer Community

My Notes

Again a talk I normally do not choose, but I am curious…

She starts out by taking us back to before most current programming languages. They created their own language slang.

After 25 years they have 150 million lines of code, so migrating to another language is not an easy thing.

So they are looking for ways to evolve it instead of doing it anew

So how can they make use of what’s already out there?

Slang code:


Very good talk. Good story building and experience sharing.

I was anxious to get out, because I didn’t want to miss the keynote.