Keynote: Oracle Code One

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Oracle Code One Fireside ChatJoin us as some of today’s top developers meet up for a fireside chat.Building Next-Gen Cloud Native Apps with Embedded Intelligence, Chatbots, and ContainersThe cloud is fundamentally changing how enterprise applications are being built today. Developers are leveraging new services and capabilities up and down the stack to more quickly deliver innovation and provide greater ease of use, management, and integration, while also providing deeper intelligence through these applications. In this session see how data science, embedded intelligence, digital assistants, and easy-to-build/easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure are enabling these next generations of cloud native apps to be built on Oracle Cloud Platform.


Name Title Company
Graeme Rocher Creator of Grails Object Computing
Siddhartha Agarwal Vice President, Product Management and Strategy Oracle
Matt Thompson VP, Developer Engagement and Evangelism Oracle

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Keynote Session

My Notes

This drawing was live drawn before the start of the show. Pretty 😎

Oracle first gets its moment on stage of course and he talks about Oracle Cloud services. I’ll not blog a lot about it as I mostly dislike the promotional talks.

I’m anxious to see Guido van Rossum speak.
I’m Dutch and have been a fan of Python for longer than Java exists 😜.

Dee Kumar talks about Cloud Native. Sorry to those who might be interested but I am fighting to stay awake.

Matt Thompson is giving a demo of the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Soooo much promotional stuff pffff

Oracle Groundbreaker Award

I am quitting… I am disappointed ☹️