CodeOne 2019

CodeOne 2019 has officially started for me this year. A cup of Java before flying.

This year is kinda special for me as I’ll be presenting a Hands-on Lab about Docker at the conference.
I am really psyched about it.

In this blog I will tell about my experiences…

The journey begins

Our journey will not bring us directly to San Francisco, but to Las Vegas.
We have a nice road trip planned before the conference.


Good company is always 👍!


It’s always weird to me that we will arrive only two hours after departure (local time) while still
having flown for almost 11 hours.
I will try to get some sleep, but am not yet very tired. I’m lucky because the middle seat of my
row is empty giving me all the room I need for my long legs ✊.

Las Vegas

Sorry, but what happens in Vegas stays… 🤣. Nope just forgot to take many pictures…

Las Vegas 1

Walked the strip, ate some food and drank some 🍺. It was all good :-)

Tomorrow we will head to the Hover dam and The Grand Canyon with our minivan.

Las Vegas 2

The Sphinx from our Luxor window in the morning

Road trip

Yeah we just had to stop here…

Before going to here:

The Grand Canyon

I’ve been there before and when you have to pay $55,= to get in it hurts a bit, but then you are again confronted with something so grand and just plain impressive and you don’t care anymore.

Wow just amazing.

The trip back was a big one. We still had to drive about 4 hours excluding stops. We ate at a nice diner. Where some beer 🍺 was partaken by some which made the evening fun. I drove so that was stupid of me 🤪. The last part of the trip was in full dark and was at a time that would have been around the time I normally would get up to go to work. Yes we were all beat. We went straight to bed.

The Amargosa Opera House hotel we stayed can be generously called classic but I would call it old and ready for a major overhaul. In the bathtub we found some cockroaches and well Hmmm…

We slept great though because we were just plain tired.

Today we have Death Valley on the agenda and I am really looking forward to it.

Death Valley 🏜

Death Valley is IMHO one freaking impressive place. It blows me away every time. I have no reference material to it. It is completely alien to my experience. How can something so 💀 be so impressive? Wow just wow.


Yosemite National Park is also such a place. The 🌳 are mind blowing in a huge way.

And I mean huge!

Again how can this be real?

Ordina trip movie

CodeOne 2019


Today is the day for my workshop Docker, FROM scratch at CodeOne and I find that I’m not all that nervous.
I was scared that the room would not be filled but that problem seems to be solved.

I just found out that my talk is fully booked and that was what I was really hoping for.
Now lets hoop that all of the attendees will actually show up. I will keep you posted.

Right now is the keynote and I am in good company.

Docker, FROM scratch

Giving this Hands-on Lab on Oracle CodeOne was a totally amazing experience.

It was indeed a full house and the attendees were totally awesome.
They even had turn some people away, which is much better that having an empty room.

A fantastic experience with great feedback. Wow!

The pressure is gone now so it is time to 🎉 and have some fun with totally cool people from the community.

JCP party

That just had to be done at the JCP party. Always one of the best parties during CodeOne.

Nice beer and nicer people.

Air Force One

Tuesday was not a great conference day IMHO so it was time for some fun.
Together with Roy van Rijn and Brian Vermeer to some nerdy places 🤪.

The new Apple center

An aluminium mock-up of the whole new Apple 🍩 with 3D view through an iPad. Very nicely done ✅.

Bought my new AirPods here, which tickles my nerdy self.

Then we wanted to go to the NASA research center and were amazed by the amount of
security there. After driving around for a while we were stuck in traffic and found out
that everything was blocked because President Trump was campaigning and would depart
presently with Air Force One.

After Trump left we tried to get into NASA itself but were stopped with the message:
We do not allow public visitations at this time, give me your drivers license!

I must admit that as the driver I found it suddenly a bit warmer and sweaty.
I had done nothing wrong but it did not feel that way ☺️.

In the end I just had to turn around immediately and got my drivers license back,
but for a few seconds I didn’t feel comfortable at all 😅.

After that adventure we just drove back and “took” the Golden Gate for the scenic view.

Had a good time and that night Koen Aerts and I went over the bridge again to see
San Francisco at night and I still had to eat something, which became a very nice roasted streak in Sausalito.

Again a fantastic day!

Community Keynote

Wednesday the CodeOne community keynote was held. The absurdity level was so high that it was actually
great fun. The Dutch delegation was very present in orange.


Around lunch we went to visit Github to get a tour there. It was very nice.

After that I actually did some work with Edwin Derks for our next talk and then prepared to go to Alcatraz.

Alcatraz night tour

Before going on the night tour we ate Clam Chowder, which was one of my goals of this trip. I love that stuff.

Seeing San Francisco from the island is very nice. I put on some oldies music and just let it sink in for a few minutes.

We did the audio tour and at night somehow the message comes in loud and clear. Quite impressive!

There were guides with passion for what they were doing and were clearly eager to talk about their passion. This we could do after the audio tour and we got a door demo. Al in all a very nice experience.

Getting a beer afterwards was more of a challenge though. Everything was closing down.


While walking to Lori’s to get breakfast 🥞 we met up with Roy, Brian and Sam. It became a great lunch with good company. It was very nice to meet Sam (@sammyheb) for the first time.


After Lori’s many of the NLJUG group went to Pivotal to get a tour there. We are nerds you know. It was nice but a bit too much talk about Pair Programming.

Everybody fit in the elevator just fine 😜.

Other pictures were not allowed.

🌉 with friends

Between the visit to Pivotal and the NLJUG after party we had some time to kill. I had no talks scheduled anymore and I heard that Richelle (Reshift) had never seen The Bridge without a fog clouding it. Well we have a 🚙 available so in the end a small impromptu group (with Bert, Erik-Berndt, Edwin and me) just had some fun, a photo shoot and an all in all good time.

After the bridge also Twin Peaks.

NLJUG After party

I have no photos but did have a great time. Good beer 🍺 and nice food 🥘 end the best community out there. What more do you want?


Our Ordina group of five had one more day to do something fun and we decided to go a scenic route to Muir Woods.

And Edwin rented a Muscle car 🚙. Just because he could!

Had a nice diner in Sausalito to end our trip and now we are flying home.