Homebrew Tap Room

Brew is a very popular install manager for the macOS environment and rightly so!
This small article will explain how to create your own tap-room.

Homebrew Tap

Nowadays I almost never install something on my MacBook anymore if does not come from the Apple Store or brew. Brew is perfect as it also provides the uninstall option out of the box by just using it. I love that.

I’ve been wanting to make my own tap room for a long time now. I have some scripts I port to every new MacBook and I would love to be able to just brew install ... them.

It appears to be very easy to create your own tap room. Just create a new github project with a name like homebrew-<name-here>

By adhering to this convention it will be very easy to add this tap room to your brew. I used the name homebrew-cli.

brew tap ivonet/cli

By executing the above command brew will search on github under the handle ivonet for the repository homebrew-cli. And that is almost it 😄.

Now if you also create a directory in that repository called Formula you can start adding formulae. How to create formulae is described here.

Now if you have created your own formulae, you can install them with brew.

  • first you need to add the tap room to your brew (see command above). This you only have to do once.
  • then you can just brew install your-script and voila :-)

I’ve created some possibly useful scripts (most notably git-cd) you might be interested in.