J-Fall 2021

J-Fall 2022 live blog

It has started!

I just went to the talk from Koen Aerts about littil which was about Devoxx 4 Kids and some nice ideas about evolving that.



Michel Schudel is talking at the keynote about HPT and what really makes it High Performing.

Get rid of technical debt people!

Team dynamics is really important

See his slides here: https://www.slideshare.net/michelschudel/what-makes-a-high-performance-team-tick

NLJUG Innovation award 🥇

Third place goes to Streammachine!
Second place goes to ANWB Dienstverlener Beheer

And the winner is:


Masters of Java 2021

Give a very nice video impression of the Dutch java “championship”.

And the winner is:

Were on none of the posted questions the fastest but they were consistently good.

This was their third win in a row!!!

This ended the very nice keynote!!

Coffee ☕️ (Java) time


Sry no updates at this time. I am going over my own talk that I will give in about half an hour

Java - a journey through time

After my talk I spoke to so many other attendees that I completely lost track of time. Missed most of the other talks and just enjoyed the conference itself. I have missed this more that I realized.


Loved it!