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Java KeynoteJava continues to innovate the application world around us. Through continued modernization Java offers developers an innovative language and platform to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications. In this keynote, recognized Oracle executive and engineering experts will highlight ongoing Java technology enhancements and showcase how developers can improve and accelerate application innovation, development and deployment especially for the cloud.Building the Future of Data with JavaData is driving a revolution across every technology and every industry. Michael Greene, vice president and general manager of System Technologies and Optimization in Intel’s Software and Services Group, will discuss how Java, together with Intel technology, is critical to this transformation. He will share various examples and uses of Java in connection with emerging technologies, such as persistent memory, illustrating how they’ll shape the future of data driven development and computing.


Name Title Company
Mark Cavage Vice President Software Development Oracle
Mark Reinhold Chief Architect Java Platform Group Oracle
Georges Saab Vice President of Development Oracle
Sharat Chander Director of Product Management Oracle
Michael Greene Vice President and General Manager of Software System Technologies and Optimization Intel Corporation

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My Notes

Keynote has started. Yeah.

Some jugs got to speaking.


  • the VP of Optimization Adam Green about data. Data by 2020 by Intel

Alibaba JDK

  • running a milion jvms

  • BigDL on github
  • the power vectorization

Eclipse foundation

  • redhat moved MicroProfile to eclipse.
  • Java EE is also being moved to eclipse.

It will be a community effort from now on.

Java SE

Popularity scale:

Java right on top…



A kinda ‘standard’ for managing containers.

JFR & container native

Nice demo but no pictures 😐

The Fn project

Just open sourced on github

Mark Reinhold

About Java 9 and of course Jigsaw 😂

Not going to rehash it because internet knows…

Well ok one then…

Ok two 😂

  • Collection factories
  • jshell
  • and all the rest
  • IntelliJ support of Java 9
    • Nice demo by Eugine Petrenko on how to juse java 9 in IntelliJ.
  • feature releases every 6 months!

  • Brian Goetz. About new java features. Project Amber

Enhanced switch: