Refactoring to Functional Style

Session abstract

In Java we’ve programmed with the imperative style for a few decades now. With Java 8, we can also code in functional style, which has several benefits: concise code that’s more expressive, easier to understand, and easier to change. But the transition from imperative to functional style is a hard journey. It’s not as much an issue of getting comfortable with the syntax–it’s the challenge of thinking functionally. What better way to learn that transition than taking imperative code and refactoring it to a more functional style. This presentation starts with multiple code examples written in imperative style and shows how to approach refactoring them to functional style.


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Venkat Subramaniam President Agile Developer Inc.

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Introductory Conference Session Core Java Platform

My Notes

Venkat is of course doing a great job.

  • can you talk about your code with a Business Analyst.

He did it all with live demos