Streaming Solutions for Real-Time Problems

Session abstract

The world is going “real-time” and constantly producing what’s popularly known as streaming data, which falls somewhere in the middle of request/response and (offline) batch systems. Think about the millions of events flowing in per second. How would your applications consume and process the data and make the insights readily available to end users and other systems in real time–all this in a low-latency, large-scale, fault-tolerant manner? This demands a new kind of architecture, and a niche breed of distributed platforms has sprung up to tackle these problems. In this session, the speakers present their take on building such a system with Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, and Redis.


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Abhishek Gupta Oracle

Session Info

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Introductory Conference Session Oracle Code: Containers, Microservices, DevOps, Databases, APIs, and more

My Notes

  • goal
    • Using a practical example to demonstrate streaming

The talk was good but example based and not really good for blogging on.
I would recommend downloading the slides at a later date or see the youtube version of the talk