Java EE 8: What's New in the Java EE 8 Release

Session abstract

This session presents an overview of the recent release of the Java EE 8 platform. Topics covered include the new JSON Binding API, updates to the JSON Processing API, the JAX-RS reactive client API, JAX-RS support for server-sent events, HTTP/2 support in Servlet, the new Java EE Security API, and new features in Bean Validation and CDI.


Name Title Company
Linda Demichiel Oracle

Session Info

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Intermediate Conference Session Java, Cloud, and Server-Side Development

My Notes

Brief history

  • 2014:

    • Work on EE 8 started
  • 2016:

    • survey on what should be done.


Web tier

JSON-P 1.1

  • json pointer
  • json patch
  • json merge patch
  • json pointer methods

  • JSON-patch

  • JSON queries using lambdas

JSON-B 1.0

  • JsonBuilder
  • Jsonb

  • With a rich set of customization options like property naming, ordering, etc

JAX-RS 2.1

  • Reactive API
  • server-send events


  • reduce latency
  • parallelism

JSF 2.3

  • better CDI
  • websockets
  • ajax method invocation
  • class level bean validation
  • new date time support

CDI 2.0

Bean validations

And much more 👏🏻

Java EE Security API 1.0

Small improvements

Where is it going…

The details are still being worked out. But will probably go fast because Oracle is being aggressive about it.


Clear explanation on stuff 👍