Preventing Errors Before They Happen

Session abstract

Are you tired of null pointer exceptions, unintended side effects, SQL injections, concurrency errors, mistaken equality tests, and other runtime errors? Are your users tired of them in your code? This presentation shows you how to guarantee, at compile time, that these runtime exceptions cannot occur. You have nothing to lose but your bugs!


Name Title Company
Werner Dietl Assistant Professor University of Waterloo
Michael Ernst Engineer (IT) UW

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Introductory Tutorial Java Development Tools

My Notes

I came into this talk late because the other talk did not meet my expectations.
Hope this one this is better.

Looks like a nice framework. Annotation based extra checks you can also build yourself



Nice framework. Worth looking into. It is just an annotation processor. This means that any tool or IDE should be able to use it. It has been thought through and seems to have been created with easy of use in mind.