Baking a Java EE 8 Micro Pi

Session abstract

Microservices are already a popular architecture for new applications, particularly with the modern need for applications to be cloud-native and light enough for the Internet of Things. One of the key challenges of breaking up monoliths into microservices is orchestration. This tutorial looks at some of the brand-new features and APIs in Java EE 8 that can help and presents an interactive Raspberry Pi-based demo that shows how easily messaging can be made cloud-ready with JCA connectors.


Name Title Company
Ondrej Mihalyi Service engineer Payara Services
Mike Croft Java Consultant Payara Services Ltd

Session Info

Experience Session type Track
Introductory Tutorial Java, Cloud, and Server-Side Development

My Notes

So my first talk of the day and of JavaOne. I’m curious. It’s a small crowd here. But hidden gems are sometimes found. Something is going wrong. No screen and stuff am about to walk out. Will give it 5 more minutes.
He is started but de demo heavyness has been cancelled I think because of connection problems.

How lightweight is java EE, really?

Recent history…

  • 2013
    • docker was a baby
    • Wildfly was still JBoss AS (no swarm)
    • before spring boot
    • no websphere liberty profile
  • 2017
    • docker is now the dominant container format
    • WildFly have fully product-ized Swarm
    • Spring boot have now been making jars not wars for a few years now
    • IBM released Open Liberty
    • Payara entered the fray and released Payara Micro
    • Eclipse MicroProfile is established and progressing

What’s in java EE today?

  • jax-rs now has a reactive profile

what is Payara Micro

What could be in Java EE EE4J??? In the future?


But no demo DAMN