Building a Chatbot Service: Beyond Joke of the Day

Session abstract

This session provides an overview of building chatbot services that deliver value beyond the many simple examples out there. Learn the basics of machine learning and natural language processing, get a summary of available cloud APIs and their strengths and limitations, understand the considerations of integrating with back-end systems that chatbots need to access for real value, learn about dialog flow design and testing, and gain insights.


Name Title Company
Lyudmil Pelov Oracle
Dan Nguyen Oracle

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Conference Session Oracle Code: Containers, Microservices, DevOps, Databases, APIs, and more

My Notes

Use Case

intent Resolution

Entity Recognition (NER)

What do back-end services require to query the information asked by the user?


It was a good talk but he lost me because I missed some info.
I will not rate this and sorry for not completing the blog.
I was distracted (after 🥗 dip) and did not follow anymore