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The Rise of the Cloud DeveloperArchitectural designs are changing from monolithic applications to microservices that have smaller granularity and use lightweight protocols. Developers are building modern applications that engage customers over multiple channels via mobile, chatbots, and even virtual reality. In this session learn why an API-first approach is critical to tying all this together, allowing cloud-native applications to access data and processes, and enabling collaboration between front-end and back-end developers. With modern app development platforms, developers can easily build, connect, and elastically scale all web and mobile applications and services across any device. Microservices and chatbots are driving real need for all enterprises to adopt an API-first strategy.From Serverless to ServiceFull–How the Mindset of DevOps Is EvolvingFor many people, DevOps equals configuration management. Now that technology has moved from services over container to serverless, some voices are heralding the end of DevOps. Ultimately we’ll move on to the next buzzword. This presentation shows how the concept of DevOps will evolve for dealing with serverless. It goes over practical examples of new practices that are emerging and uses promise theory to make sense of this transition of DevOps practices while staying true to DevOps principles.


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Amit Zavery Senior Vice President Fusion Middleware and PaaS Development Oracle
Patrick Debois CEO
Bruno Borges Principal Product Manager Developer Relations Strategy Oracle

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Intermediate Keynote Oracle Code: Containers, Microservices, DevOps, Databases, APIs, and more

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