3 In 1 Workbench - Part 2

In this 3 part part blog I will show my exploits into creating a 3 in 1 workbench.
It is going to be a homemade table saw, disc sander, jigsaw table.

Please read Part 1 of this blog first…

Lots of measuring as I have never done any of this before. Measure once, twice … ten times.
And still make mistakes 😂

Conclusion part 2

I am happy with the result. I made a mistake with the jigsaw. It is backwards, but it does not deter from the end result and
all is fully functional.

I do have to think about the dust. Especially from the circle saw. Almost all the dust is blown into the box and other tools are in there.
I will think of something to try as that is what I love to do… If you have suggestions please comment below. Is appreciated.

I’ve tried taping a vacuum bag to the outlet of the saw and it works somewhat but not enough. Still thinking about it…

Happy with step 2 🖖.

I am loath to add the fourth tool, the router, as I don’t know if I am going to use it much attached to the table. I might
let it stay a 3 in 1 workbench and concentrate more on accessories for the table… and projects I actually want to make with this table.

Will keep you posted on my progress…

In part 3 (the last part) I will show the accessories I created.