Reactive APIs of Java 9

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Reactive programming is no longer an esoteric idea. Many libraries and tools have started providing excellent support for this programming style–so much so that Java 9 has embraced this idea by including it in the specification. This presentation takes a dive into what reactive programming looks like from the Java specification point of view. You’ll witness the creation of a small working example that illustrates the API and learn how to make use of it.


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Venkat Subramaniam President, Agile Developer Inc.

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Developer Session Core Java Platform

My Notes

Really full room here 🖖 Venkat is ever popular.

What’s Reactive Programming

The system should be :

  • Elastic
  • Message Driven

Don’t expose your database, expose your data.

In life and programming there are two things we should never share: toothbrush and database

  • Responsive
  • Resilient


Java 8 Streams


  • RxJava
  • Akka
  • Reactor
  • and more

Reactive Streams API

4 interfaces:

  • Publisher -> emit data
  • Subscriber -> listens to data

  • Subscription -> a session you have with a publisher
  • Processors -> intermediary stuff can be both Publisher and Subscriber (e.g. filter)

Java 9

Come to the party 7 years late. Oracle phenomenal job by creating a standard 😜

How do you use it in Java 9… use one of the existing libraries.
The standard is just a vote of approval.


Again a really good talk