Keynote: The Future of Java Is Today

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As one of the most pervasive technologies of our lifetime, Java continues to innovate the application world around us. Through continued modernization Java offers developers a contemporary language and platform to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications. And as the technology landscape changes around us, often at an ever-increasing pace, Java is primed to offer developers continued uniqueness to address new opportunities. In this keynote hear from recognized members of the Oracle Java Team and industry luminaries about how Oracle is continuing to steward ongoing Java technology enhancements. Learn what’s new in Java, see recent additions to the language and platform, and get a look ahead at enhancements that are in development that will continue to improve developer productivity.


Name Title Company
Mark Reinhold Chief Architect, Java Platform Group Oracle
Georges Saab Vice President of Development Oracle

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Keynote Session

My Notes

Starts with heavy security. Too bad it’s necessary…

And of course lets be safe 🤣😜

Talks about github and java. Sponsor KeyNote

1 is the power of you

Think like a user

There is some talk about some projects.

A demo is given about github pull requests


Mark Reinhold

Adapt or die

Mark has a gripping talk about all the changes of the last year.

In future not!

He also talks about changes that have been in there since 9 and that is not necessarily new 😂🙄

Java is still free!

Top 5 misconceptions about new releases



You can also read my article in the Dutch Java Magazine 😜


Continuations & Fibers

Mark does a life demo

Fibers are like micro Threads. Still flaky but really 💨


Foreign-function/data interface.

Some cool demoes there really beta still but 😎


Value types & specialized generics

A brief glimpse into the future…


A better keynote than I have seen in years from Oracle.
I do think it strange that there were other talks during the Keynote and that the keynote was at the end of the day. Weird! 🤔