Java 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11: What Did You Miss?

Session abstract

Java is moving faster and faster, and a lot of features are not as well known as they should be. This tutorial reviews the ones you’re likely to have missed in old versions.

Then I will kickstart you on 9, 10 and 11 features that you never had time to look at.


Name Title Company
Henri Tremblay Senior Software Engineer, Terracotta a Software AG company

Session Info

Session type Track
Tutorial Session Core Java Platform

My Notes

I was unsure about what to choose during this hour and finally chose this one. I hope I didn’t choose wrong…

  • first he speaks about the release cycle and how it has changed
  • @Deprecated is back wit a vengeance and had been given parameters to tell us what will happen when a version has been reached

Java 5

  • generics
  • annotations
  • concurrent collection
  • etc

Java 6

Mostly under de hood. Performance and stuff

Java 7

Brought a lot of syntactic sugar

  • invokeDynamic
  • forkJoin
  • Better IO
  • Diamond operator
  • binary types

  • multiple catches
  • Auto Closeable / try with recourses

Java 8

  • datetime api
  • default methods on interfaces
  • metaspace
  • completeable future
  • lambdas
  • implicitly final
  • method reference

Until now I have not missed anything…
If you have been using java all should be very familiar. I was hoping for stuff I missed as the title was suggesting…..

Look at the new Object part:

Method reference:

In method reference the instance is important. The method reference will capture the value and the instance can not be null. With the lambda it wil evaluate every time.

Java 9 - modules

  • G1 by default
  • var handles
  • new http client
  • jshell
  • jcmd
  • immutable collections
  • unified JVM logging
  • improved try-with-recourses by enabling instantiation outside the try
  • new reflection MethodHandles
  • modules

Still nothing I have missed of note, but he gives a nice talk.

Java 10

  • var
  • class-data sharing
  • GraalVM

Java 11

  • java will run it!
  • shebang can also be in bash point to java


Actually a good talk, but if you have been actively been programming java most of it should not be a surprise.