Introducing Mockito 3

Session abstract

Mockito 3 will make your tests cleaner and easier to debug. The next major version, 3.0, is scheduled for release during Oracle Code One 2018. The key feature in this release is that it enabling “strict stubbing” by default. This session takes a deep dive into why it is important for your tests. Get ready to migrate to the next major version of the Mockito framework. Last year at JavaOne, this session’s speaker described the evolution of the Mockito library since he created it 10 years earlier. He received great feedback from attendees about what needs further elaboration. Get ready for live coding and full immersion into how Mockito 3.0 keeps your tests clean.


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Szczepan Faber Tech Lead LinkedIn

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Developer Session Development Tools

My Notes

The creator of Mockito is doing a lot live demo, so not much to show here.

Strict stubbing will become default in version 3.

Strict stubbing will tell you which stubs are actually used, so you will be forced to clean your test code.

Declarative code does not need to be unit tested. Code review is good for that.


Very nice 👍 talk. I couldn’t really blog a lot about it as most of the stuff was live demo.