TDD: From Java to Go and Back Again

Session abstract

TDD is one of the most popular techniques for shipping quality software with confidence. The Java ecosystem is well known for its tools diversity and innovation in this space. At the same time, we lean toward a polyglot approach, trying to use other languages that better fit a given problem space. This is where Go attracts Java developers. But can we comfortably test-drive our Go code by using techniques known from Java? Most importantly: after we get familiar with Go, can our Java code get even better? In this session, you can learn more about best-of-breed testing techniques you can use right away in your Go or Java projects and being productive instantly when switching between those worlds (as Red Hat has been doing over the last two years).


Name Title Company
Bartosz Majsak Software Engineer Red Hat
Aslak Knutsen Principal Software Engineer Red Hat

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Session type Track
Developer Session Core Java Platform

My Notes

Not normally my kind of talk but sometimes you have to challenge yourself 😂 so here it goes…


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It really was not my kind of talk, which does not mean that it is not good. I Can’t tell