Full-Stack Reactive Java with Project Reactor and Spring Boot 2

Session abstract

Reactive programming offers Java developers a way to build message-driven, elastic, resilient, responsive services–but where to begin? The Reactive Streams initiative provides the guide, and Project Reactor the tools, to fully realize reactive capabilities end-to-end. Whether from a Spring MVC or functional perspective, Reactor empowers you to spin up fully reactive Spring Boot 2 applicationsfast. This session shows how to Integrate easily with existing Spring-stack technologies Transition from blocking to reactive applications and systems Define your API in an imperative style and functionally Leverage powerful new testing mechanisms to make code better and life easierThe presenter will code all examples live in real time.


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Mark Heckler Principal Technologist/Developer Advocate Pivotal

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Developer Session Development Tools

My Notes

I am a seeker of a better way


Mark is doing a lot of life coding so I’m going to enjoy and watch. Sorry y’all.

start.sping.io -> reactive web -> lombok -> reactive cassandra


Really food talk


Here are the repo links: