Talk to Me, Goose: Going Beyond Your Regular Chatbot

Session abstract

After his first steps into robotics and IoT, this session’s speaker decided to take it one step further: a more realistic robot that knows who you are and responds to your questions. Using chatbot technology and voice and face recognition, this robot can become a real add-on to your daily life. In this session, you will learn how the speaker extended an off-the-shelf solution with additional cloud technology to make these things work.


Name Title Company
Luc Bors Technical Director eProseed

Session Info

Session type Track
Developer Session Emerging Technologies

My Notes

The room is almost empty so I hope that I didn’t make a wrong choice.

I am curious though.

  • a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversion with human users, especially over the internet
  • a bit converses in a different way then humans.


  • What do you want to do
  • you can express intent by uttering utterances
    • i want to order a pizza
    • I am really hungry
    • I am watching a movie and need pizza man
    • etc, more utterances is better
  • you can give meaning to intent by saying something like I want order a large cheese pizza
  • training of chatbots with utterances

Dialog flow

Questions will lead to next stages

digital assistant

A virtual assistant

speech and face recognition

He has a demo setup with Alexa


Interesting talk, but the talking beyond part is unclear to me.