From Jakarta EE over MicroProfile to Serverless: Interactive Onstage Hacking

Session abstract

This presentation starts with a “full profile” Jakarta EE/Java EE microservice, builds and deploys a thin WAR from scratch, introduces useful MicroProfile features, develops serverless functions, and lets them communicate. No tricks, no plugins, no magic. Just CLI, IDE, and lean code. Questions during the session are highly appreciated.


Name Title Company
Adam Bien Consultant / Contractor Adam Bien

Session Info

Session type Track
Developer Session Containers, Serverless, and Cloud

My Notes

So my first scheduled talk of the day. Adam Bien is guaranteed to make it a good start.

Interactive onstage hacking #usetheplatform

Adam shows us how to start a project by using the platform.

He uses a maven archetype to generate a barebones project. Based on a self created template (airhacks based).

He used Payara 5 to show some of his code

He shows by adding the microprofile dependency that we get lots of metrics for free and some new annotations.

Some annotations:

  • @Gauge for counters
  • @ConfigProperty to inject configuration that is already cloud friendly
  • @CircuitBreaker
  • @Fallback
  • @Bulkhead

Now he shows with docker how this works nicely with environment variable.

His war is actually only 6 Kb in size which is really small.

And suddenly you have the /openapialso generated for free

He tries to start a fn service but it didn’t work because of ip issues. The fn is interesting because it is open source and compatible with AWS Lambda

While talking it did work