Keynote: Groundbreakers: The Code Avengers

Session abstract

Superheroes protect the peace, save lives, and fight evildoers with their superhuman powers; however, they are not the only ones who have these abilities. Each day developers build highly advanced algorithms, design and code solutions to better humanity, deploy to thousands of servers in seconds, and come up with groundbreaking innovations. In this session join community leaders, unconference disorganizers, open-source standards gurus, and technology visionaries to hear an action-packed keynote to celebrate the developer community and you, a groundbreaker.


Name Title Company
Doug Cutting Chief Architect Cloudera
Neha Narkhede Cofounder and CTO Confluent
Charles Nutter Coleader of JRuby Independent
Graeme Rocher Creator of Grails Object Computing
Guido van Rossum Creator of Python Independent
David Blevins Founder & CEO Tomitribe
Stephen Chin Director, Oracle Developer Community Oracle
Sebastian Daschner Developer Sebastian Daschner - IT-Beratung
Simon Maple Director of Developer Relations Snyk
Heather VanCura Director Oracle
Johan Vos CTO Gluon BVBA
Dmytro Vyazelenko Senior Software Engineer Canoo Engineering AG

Session Info

Session type Track
Keynote Session

My Notes

This keynote promises to be more fun as we are here with a huge Dutch delegation all in aorange NLJug shirts. Oh yeah!!!

A long promotional speech by IBM

Eclipse Foundation

  • Jakarta EE
  • MicroProfile

Is open Source and we knew that already 🤔

Open J9

Making a jit compiler independent of the JVM will make it more versatile


Help to contribute the OpenJDK.

Great project !

AdoptOpenJDK website

So that was the whole IBM part with some community stuff put in there

The Avengers

Dr Strange is not incinerated!!! Whaat.

The Dutch were the loudest when called out

JUG leaders yeah!!!

the unconference

  • anybody who comes is the right person
  • when it over it is over

We need an STD…. A Stone Transfer Device

This is just unexplainable. You just have to be there 😜

We have saved the world