Enough java.lang.String to Hang Ourselves...

Session abstract

Is it better to write “” + 42 or Integer.toString(42)? How much memory can you save if you intern() all your strings? How can String Deduplication reduce your memory footprint, and what does it cost? And how much memory will Java 9 strings save in Bulgaria? What is the maximum length of a constant string? And a dynamic string? How much faster is the new StringBuilder().append(“Hello “).append(name).toString() than “Hello “ + name? What are intrinsics, and how do they relate to strings? Are strings really immutable? How can you efficiently create substrings? You’ll get answers to these and many more questions in this session.


Name Title Company
Heinz Kabutz CIO / CTO JavaSpecialists.EU
Dmytro Vyazelenko Senior Software Engineer Canoo Engineering AG

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Developer Session Core Java Platform

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So the last day has started. I had a hard time filling my agenda

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Which one is faster…

The 0 is special and 👿

It is all the same… as long as they are already strings


Very nice talk