Java 19


Yep, we’re another six months down the road, and it’s time for a new version of Java. Seven features (JEPs) are planned in Java SE 19.
To play around with some Java SE 19 features (without having to actually install early access), all the code in this article is executed within a docker container running OpenJDK 19 [2], see Listing:

$ docker run -it --rm \
-v $(pwd)/src:/src \
openjdk:19-slim /bin/bash
$ cd /src/java19

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Java EE - Jakarta EE Initializr

Getting started with Jakarta EE just became even easier!

Get started

Hot new Update!

Moved from the Apache 2 license to the Eclipse Public License v2 for the newest version of the archetype as described below.
As a start for a possible collaboration with the Eclipse start project.

New Archetype with JakartaEE 9

JakartaEE 9 + Payara 5.2022.2 + MicroProfile 4.1 running on Java 17

  • And the docker image is also ready for x86_64 (amd64) AND aarch64 (arm64/v8) architectures!

Open "Unidentified Developer" Apps On Your Mac


Writing free software for macOS is impossible because a developer (like me) first needs to become part of the
“Apple Developer Program” to sign Applications and that costs $99,== a year.

A lot has been said about this subject and some Apple fanboys/girls will say that this is a sensible way for Apple to control software quality.
To some extent I would even agree as a valid certificate shows that your software hasn’t been tampered with and,
if it turns out to be malware, Apple can revoke your certificate.

The cynic in me though also sees it as a way to extort $99,= a year
for each developer out there. How can I have my creations effectively distributed for fee if I can not sign it for free?
That would make it less than free for me and ruin the fun in my hobby projects…

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