How to be anonymous on the outbound connections of your nas


You want some privacy on the internet highway for outbound connections of your nas. The reasons can be varied. Some want to just have some privacy.
Some want to download the movies and series they can not get legally. Some want to test stuff with different IP addresses. Lots of reasons out there

This article explains how you can make this happen on a Synology Nas and the reason why
this solution was chosen above other possible solutions…

Be warned! This is a very technical article and not for the faint of heart :-)

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Instant terminal screen sharing


I wanted to do some live demo coding for a group of people and I was sitting almost perpendicular to the screen. I also had a presentation with speaker notes. In order to use speaker notes you do not want to duplicate your screen but have a separate screen. This made the live coding demo difficult to do because I also had to look at that second screen to see what I was typing.

I was using the terminal a lot so I started searching and found a fantastic app called tmate.

This blog will tell a bit about how I dockerized it to make it available to me even when offline. It will of course also tell you how to do it yourself.

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How To Fix Time Drift In Docker


You have docker running on your machine and after setting your laptop into standby a couple of times the docker time is running behind the local machine time. I noticed this when using portainer (I love that tool so I use it a lot) but when logging in I got the “Your session has expired” message when wanting to login. a docker reboot fixed it but I’ve got more containers running and don’t want to have t reboot all…

This happens on my Mac when working with docker ‘native’:

  • Version 1.13.1-rc1-beta40 (15241)
  • Channel: beta
  • 0d026e19d7

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