Fidget Spinner Motor

For Fathers day I got a nice fidget spinner as a present from my son. I like these things but after playing with it for a while it became
a permanent fixture in my laptop bag. Never being used again…
I was thinking about a hobby project to do at home and I recently ordered some very strong neodymium magnets for another
project and had some left.

How about creating a magnet based motor from my fidget spinner and a self created electromagnet and reed switch.
Yeah lets do it…

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3 in 1 Workbench - Part 1

In this tree part blog I will show my exploits into creating a 3 in 1 workbench.
It is going to be a homemade table saw, disc sander, jigsaw table.
I was planning to add a router to it too but I want that one to stay “mobile” and I don’t have a spare one lying around 😄.

This blog was inspired by this blog about creating your own portable monitor.
As I need to do some sawing and routing for this project and I want to do it all myself, I also wanted
to create my own workbench to do this with.

I have lots of tools in my shed and some of them double through inheritance and gifts.
I was inspired by some movies on the internet and I thought I had all the tools needed to do it.

Read more about it in this blog…

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A Beautiful Frame For 7 Inch Raspberry Pi Monitor

I had this small 7” screen lying around and in order to practice for this post.
I decided to create a nice frame for this monitor and have some fun…

Uhh no that is actually not completely true. I had this monitor lying around because I made a mistake while ordering on AliExpress. I actually thought that I had bought a 7” touchscreen. Result: No on the touch but yes on the screen :-)
Returning something to AliExpress is not something I want to experience so I now had this perfectly good small monitor lying around to practice with and make it useful.

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Create your own mobile monitor - Part 1

This will be a multi-part blog about a hobby project I embarked upon.

The idea is to create my own portable monitor from an old laptop screen. I have an old Sony Vaio laptop with a 15” 1280x800 monitor.
The laptop does not work anymore but I know that the screen was fully functional.

So just for a fun project I decided to see if I can make it into a mobile monitor. It is still
an ongoing project and I will make it into a sequel as I go. It will be a journey for me as I have
never done something like this before. Actually when I started I didn’t even know if it could be done…

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