SonarQube Just Do It!

Code transparency … Yes please…

Recently I gave a small seminar for my current client about Clean Code and Craftsmanship. The group I was talking to
consisted of developers of all levels from junior to senior.

To my complete consternation, when I started talking about tools like PMD / CheckStyle and SonarQube, I found out that
none of them had ever heard of these tools. Not even the Senior developers.

Well this is bad and needs to be fixed!

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How To Have Aliases With Parameters

Alias vs Shell script

Often times we *ix users want to make a command easier when we type it often. To create a shell script for all of these simple things is just a bit overkill, but creating an alias does not always do what you want. Aliasses can’t take parameters without having a delimter… Here is how to get it do work.

If you could do it with more ease in a shell script is up to you to descide…

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Java Community Keynote Reloaded

Session abstract

You wake up in the morning and go to work, grab a cup of Java, and sit down at your desk to code. But the coffee tastes too perfect…the low hum of the office fans too regular…and you get a weird feeling of deja vu as a black cat crosses your window…twice. You may already be a prisoner in the Java Matrix! The Java Matrix is a virtual world designed to keep hackers content while the machines exploit their creativity. Come to the Java Community Keynote and help the Java rebels fight against evil JVM agents who are after your code!Java, Open Technologies and Cloud Native Development: The Next Generation of Innovation EmergesInnovation in the Java ecosystem has always been driven by collaboration around core open technologies. A platform which has enabled developers to create solutions across a diverse set ofindependent domains. With a uniquely strong combination of partnerships between Java developers, standards organizations and technology leaders, we have created the largest, strongest, and most vibrant developer community in the world. So what are the newer challenges facing the Java community? As Java developers tackle cloud based deployment models to solve complex enterprise problems, new architectural patterns such as microservices emerge, driving a need to evolve existing programming models and invent new ones. In this keynote hear from two of IBM distinguished Engineers that will take you through IBM’s developer focus, and how an open community driven approach will enable the next generation of innovation needed on the Java platform. Learn how IBM’s ongoing commitment to the Java community and it’s wide support of open source and open innovation is powering Java into the future.

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