Field Injection When Mocking Frameworks Fail

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You use Dependency Injection (CDI) in your application and you want to unit test your Java classes without making it an integration test by using Weld of Arquillian. You use a Mocking framework like Mockito or EasyMock but still have trouble getting all your dependencies injected into the class because one or the injections is a String type or another final class.

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Java Maven Angular Seed Project

In this article I’ll try to find the answer to a couple of basic questions like:

  • Is there a marriage possible between AngularJS, Java and Maven?
  • Can it be done?
  • Should it be done?
  • Must it be done?

Here I’ll describe the whole process of making a Java Maven AngularJS seed project.
This process will include the mistakes I make and the lessons learned.
The whole goal is to create a setup that can be build by a Java developer, with no specific front-end skills.

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